About us

Innovation Dis.co is a company based in Athens, Greece with more than 20 years of experience in the management and communication of 100+ complex R&I projects funded by the EU’s Research and Innovation funding programmes.


The company’s competence is in implementing Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation strategies, and actions mainly in the Health, Security, Energy, Mobility, Environment and Agri-food sectors.


Throughout these years we have demonstrated a commitment for roles within a quadruple helix innovation system, working continuously on effective engagement of stakeholders from academia, the public & the private sectors, and on society. We use proprietary AI tools and innovative methodologies, designed to elevate a project’s visibility, increase audience engagement, and maximize its impact, namely: Brand Identity, AI algorithms to perform in depth research on social media & web analysis, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing Strategy & Analytics, Web Development and Maintenance, Print and Media Content Creation, high-quality Video Production and Event Management.

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